Cesar Alejandro Garrido - President of the World Federation Hemophilia

It is undoubted that the World of hemophilia has changed extraordinarily if I compare the times when I joined the WFH as a volunteer in 2000 compared to today, where a landscape of advances that are happening and that will come in the next 3 years at least. Back then we did not even dare to imaging a vision like the current “Treatment for All”. There were very terrible and dramatic moments due to contaminations with HIV and Hepatitis C.

There were moments where the news that arrived was that colleagues and friends in the world had died. Times when distrust of the pharmaceutical industry was at its worst. Moments in which some patients, aspiring to receive some financial compensation for the damage suffered from treatment with concentrates that turned out to be contaminated, were forced to sue the doctors treating them since childhood, to support the case in court. I do not miss those moments at all, but I do recognize that it was an episode that had years where established national member organizations (NMOs) and emerging NMOs spoke the same language to society. It did not matter whether it was developed or developing... 

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