Today, technology is present in everything around us and, based on this, the Brazilian Federation of Hemophilia (FBH, initials in portuguese) has cultivated an old desire of several years back: to offer an innovative technology to contribute to the adherence of hemophilia patients to prophylactic treatment. The dream began to materialize with the development of the Tuguy app (a word that means “blood” in the Guarani- Kaiowá language – an indigenous tribe from Brazil). The idea for creating the app started to germinate in 2018 when the president of FBH, Tania Maria Onzi Pietrobelli, started a movement in search of a technology that would bring the patient closer to the HTC, offering care at a distance, since Brazil has continental dimensions.

Through the Tuguy, patients can record the bleeding they have had, record the infusions in the Infusion Diary and activate, when necessary, the emergency button and receive professional support through the app. 

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