In Benin, hemophilia is a pathology still very little known by both health workers and the general population. Knowing that the prevalence of hemophilia in the general population is approximately 1/10,000 inhabitants, the number of hemophiliacs in Benin should be approximately 1149 but in 2020, only 48 hemophiliacs were registered in Benin. However, our culture requires that all young boys be systematically circumcised. This practice is often carried out without any medical precautions at home, either by traditional healers or nurses not authorized for this act.

Thus, it is in this context that hemorrhagic complications sometimes arise, sometimes persistent in some children, which can sometimes lead to death. For children with a hemorrhagic syndrome and whose parents have the financial means to take them to hospital, a transfusion of fresh frozen plasma is carried out urgently on these children to help stop the bleeding and to prevent anemia often as a result of the hemorrhage.

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