A. Hernández-Salgado, J. González-Martínez, O. Juárez-Moreno, E. Benítez-García, G. Yáñez-Mejía, J. Zazueta-Hernández

Two cases of simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty are reported in two patients with severe hemophilic arthropathy with high response inhibitors. In the world literature there is only one case report, the first patient aged 38 years and the second aged 42 years, with severe joint destruction of both knees, both underwent a simultaneous bilateral total knee arthroplasty, where two teams with the same experience start with one knee and the next team goes one or two

steps back, that optimizes the use of factor VIII, which in a country with an emerging economy, makes performing a surgical procedure in a patient with hemophilia very difficult, and especially in one with inhibitors. Recovery and rehabilitation was global, patient satisfaction was quite favorable and there was an improvement in their quality of life...

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